À la Carte Restaurant

Enjoy a stylish ambiance and choose from an extensive menu of international specialties or typical western-pomeranian dishes.

Opening hours

Mon - Sun: 7 am to 10 am

À la carte
Mon - Sun from 11 am
Warm kitchen from noon - 9 pm




Mixed lettuce / cherry tomato / cucumber / bell pepper / radish / sprouts / cress / olive oil marinade
€ 10,50

optionally with caramelized goat's cheese € 15.90

Salmon carpaccio
Cherry tomatoes, rocket, lime and baguette
€ 16,90

Melon gazpacho vegan
White bread croutons, pepper, basil oil
€ 8,50

Ragout fin "Queen"
in puff pastry, lemon, parsley, mushrooms and baguette
€ 13,90


Potato and celery soup - vegan
Herbs, truffle oil and croutons
€ 8,50

Peanut and coconut soup
Sate skewer, teriyaki sauce, coriander, peanuts
€ 9,50

Serrano parmesan soup
with ham chip
€ 9,90

Main courses


Grilled rump steak (250 g)
with potato croquettes, pearl onions, green asparagus, Madeira jus
€ 30,90

Pork cutlet - from the loin
Mushroom sauce / fried potatoes
€ 21,50

Pulled turkey baguette
with coleslaw and French fries
€ 19,50

with baked potato, sour cream and grilled vegetables
€ 24,90

Sliced veal Zurich style
with potato rösti
€ 25,50


Pikeperch on balsamic lentils
with broccoli and coconut cream
€ 26,50

Sea bass potato and herb mash
with lemongrass sauce and pak choi
€ 28,50

Fried salmon fillet
small potatoes, zucchini, mango chutney
€ 26,50 

Pasta dishes & vegetarian dishes

Penne a la carbonara
Bacon, Grana Padano and egg
€ 18,50

Bread dumplings in wild mushroom cream - vegetarian
€ 16,90

Quinoa and pea meatball (vegan)
Romanesco / fragrant rice
€ 19,90

Strawberry Menu

Cold strawberry sesame soup
with balsamic vinegar and cranberries
€ 8,90


Strawberry and asparagus salad
with wild herbs, walnuts, asparagus and strawberries
€ 13,50


Strawberry "Bowl
Avocado, peppers, radishes, carrots, nuts and cous cous
€ 15,50


Grilled pork fillet on strawberry and Pommery mustard sauce
Potato gratin and roasted asparagus
€ 25,50


Strawberry sundae
Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream
€ 8,90



Gooseberry crumble
with raspberry sorbet
€ 8,50

"Solero" layered dessert
made from peach, passion fruit, quark and honey
€ 10,50

Chocolate brownie
with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
€ 9,50



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