À la Carte Restaurant

Enjoy a stylish ambiance and choose from an extensive menu of international specialties or typical western-pomeranian dishes.

Opening hours

  • Breakfast: Mon. - Sun.: 07:00 until 08:30 and 09:00 until 10:30
  • Dinner: Mon. - Sun.: 17:30 until 19:00 and 19:30 until 21:00




Antipasti della casa
Grilled vegetables, air-dried country ham, Milanese salami
€ 11.50

Sauteed prawns, lobster foam, risotto, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, pesto
€ 13.50

Mozzarella to the power of three
Vine tomato, buffalo mozzarella, grilled zucchini, rocket, olive oil,
balsamic ice cream, Genovese pesto, lemon pepper, parmesan
€ 11.00

Carpaccio Cipriani
Beef sirloin, rocket, olive oil, balsamic ice cream, Cipriani sauce, parmesan
€ 11.00

Wild herb salad mix, cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, radish, sprouts, cress, walnut oil marinade
€ 7.50
Optionally with caramelized goat cheese € 11.50
Optionally grilled with 3 prawns in the shell € 14.00

Carrot and ginger soup
Beef strips, garlic croutons, sakura cress
€ 6.00

Vine tomato, croutons, garden herbs
€ 5.50

Linstower fish soup
Fish filler, shrimps, vegetable strips
€ 6.50

Main courses

Main courses

Meat dishes

Wiener Schnitzel - classic from the veal
lemon, butter, caper apples, anchovies, fried potatoes
€ 19.50

fillet, porcini mushrooms, shallots, garlic, cream, bean buns, potato gratin
€ 22.00

fillet, onions, chilli, garlic, boletus mushroom, own sauce, mashed potatoes
€ 24.50

Our steak menus

Mrs. Rumpsteak
180 g from the young saddle of beef
€ 22.00

Mr. rump steak
250 g of selected beef, hearty, tender
€ 25.00

Rib eye
250 g from the inter-rib, well marbled with little fat eyes, juicy, tender
€ 26.50

Rib-Eye Mastercut
350 g tenderly ripened prime rib, grated horseradish
€ 29.00

We serve with all steak menus:
Steakhouse salad, baked potatoes, sour cream, steakhouse bread

Fish dishes

Norwegian fjord salmon
salmon fillet, spinach leaves, shallots, garlic, risotto, saffron
€ 20.50

Müritzer Zander - fried crispy on the skin
pikeperch fillet, white wine sauce, sugar pea straw, sweet potato puree
€ 21.50

Char from Mecklenburg breeding
fillet, pumpkin, lentils, spring onions, mashed potatoes
€ 19.50

North Sea tongue - fried whole
Sole, butter, potatoes, green salad, yogurt dressing
€ 26.00

Pasta dishes and vegetarian dishes

Lime spaghetti
pasta, lime, cream, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, rocket, parmesan
€ 15.00

“Garden” potato
our popular baked potatoes, sour cream, seasonal vegetables
€ 16.00

Spinach gratin
spinach, parmesan, potato gratin, bruschetta
€ 16.00

Penne arrabiata
short tube pasta, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, shallots, tomato sauce, parmesan
€ 15.00



Mascarpone cream, spoon bisquit, cocoa, coffee, liqueur
€ 6.00

Chocolate meets raspberry
Chocolate mousse, raspberry sorbet, nutty crunch, berries, bourbon vanilla sauce, Moroccan mint
€ 6.00

Warm and cold
Belgian waffle, bourbon vanilla ice cream, berries
€ 6.00

Children's menu

Timo Toucans menu

Italian Penne Napoli
Penne with tomato sauce. Served with bruschetta, vegetable sticks and grated cheese

Brazilian spare ribs
Marinated and tenderly cooked spare ribs with a vegetable skewer, grill sauce and French fries

Hawaiian Loco Moco Burger
Buns with a deliciously spiced hamburger and a fried egg. Served with vegetable sticks, fresh fruit and French fries

Menu Alaska fish
Fish sticks from Alaska pollack with seaweed salad. Served with vegetable sticks, broccoli and french fries

Dutch cuisine
Delicious french fries with your choice: schnitzel, bitterballen or chicken nuggets. Served with vegetable sticks, applesauce and mayonnaise

Indonesian chicken skewer
Chicken skewer with white rice and vegetables. Served with peanut sauce, vegetable sticks, atjar (sweet and sour vegetables) and crab chips

as main course € 6.50
as a menu with soup of your choice and children's ice cream € 10.50


Indian ice
a scoop of ice cream of your choice with cream and sauce, Howgh!
€ 3.00

Children's party
 a scoop of smartie ice cream with cream, smarties and sauce
€ 3.50