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We are happy to adapt your menu individually, thematically and seasonally according to your wishes.


Menu 1 p.p. €25,00

Mushroom cream soup
Herbed pork fillet with pepper sauce
with vegetable bouqet and Macaire potatoes
Vanilla cream with glazed morello cherries

Price per person € 25,50

Menu 2 p.p. €25,90

Tomato essence with basil croutons

Baltic cod in bacon blanked with pesto cream sauce
with tomato vegetable and saffron potatoes
Charlotte an Fruchtspiegel und Obstsinfonie

price per person € 25,90

Menu 3 p.p. €26,50

Tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella and pesto
Guinea fowl breast with Thai Choi vegetables
and fragrant rice
Coconut cream with orange-physalis compote

Price per person € 26,50

Menu 4 p.p. €29,50

Salmon and saffron froth
with wild herb salad
Poultry cream soup with lemon chili croutons
and coriander
Saddle of veil under a wasabi mango crust
with parsnip vegetables and diced potatoes
Creme brulée

Price per person € 29,50

Menu 5 p.p. €27,50

Ham variations and Galia melon
Red cabbage soup with goat cheese
Monkfish with sauerkraut and potato-celery puree
Cheesecakemousse with rosins

price per person € 27,50

Menu 6 p.p. €28,00

Spring rolls with sprout salad
Curry-chilli sauce with lettuce
Gilthead fillet with sesame Pak Choi vegetables
and sweet potatoe
Lime-pomegranate cream

Price per person € 28,00

Italian snack buffet p.p. €28,00

Italian vegetable soup

Roasted ciabatta topped with chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic

Grilled vegetables, smoked salmon with creamed horseradish, tomato and mozzarella skewer, soft cheese variations

selection of salads, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh paprika, mushrooms
refined with roasted sunflower seeds and grated cheese

Herbal balsamic niaigrette and refreshing herbal yogurt dressing

Noodles and spinach leaves in gorgonzola cream

Tender chicken filet medallions in a delicious Mascarpone fig sauce and rosemary potatoes

Saltimbocca of cod fillet with risotto bianco

Homemade Tiramisú
Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce

Price per person € 28,00

Adventures through Mecklenburg p.p. €30,00

Smoke delicacies from the Warnemünde fish market
Pomeranian sausage and ham selection
Roast beef, roasted pink with remoulade sauce


Beef broth with vegetables

Herring salad, Mecklenburg potato salad, tomato salad, cucumber salad with dill yogurt, leaf salads with various dressings

Main courses
Baltic cod in grainy mustard sauce

stuffed pork neck with prunes

chicken breast strips in mushroom cream

regional vegetables (carrots, peas, kohlrabi)
potatoes with parsley, mashed potatoes


Lemon cream, vanilla cream with sour cherries, red fruit jelly



Price per person € 30,00

Culinary adventures through Europe p.p. €32,00

Serrano ham with melon
Mozzarella with vine tomato
Young pig´s back with herb remoulade

Mushroom cream soup

Seafood salad
Artichoke salad

Rice salad
Lettuce with two different dressings

Main courses
Rabbit leg in sour cream sauce
Roasted pork fillet on shallots-red wine sauce
Salmon slices on leaf spinach
Broccoli and cauliflower
Small potatoes and rosemary potatoes

Amarett cream with almond pieces
Fresh fruit salad
Chocolate mousse
Selections of cheese garnished with figs

Price per person € 32,00

Buffet Resort Linstow p.p. € 34,00

Curry coconut cream soup

Roasted calf back with tuna fish cream
Serrano ham with galia melon
A fine selection of smoked fish specialties

Salad selection
Rucola, lambs lettuce, iceberg lettuce 
with feta cheese, corn, cucumber, carrots and tuna

Main courses
Filet of corn poulard breast on mushroom ragout
Müritz pike-perch fillet in Riesling sauce
Grilled pork medallions in Pommery mustard sauce
Potato gratin, potato croquettes
Colorful vegetable selection

International cheese selection
Bavarian cream with raspberry sauce
Mango cream

Price per person € 34,00

Party buffet p.p. € 34,00

Pink roasted pork filet
Mecklenburg ham and sausage selection
Buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil
Pickled salmon with honey-mustard sauce

Noodle salad
Courgette salad
Fresh garden salad and dressing

Broccoli cream soup

Warme Speisen
Landpute carved on the board
Veal ragout with mushrooms
Fried victoria perch fillet with lemongrass sauce
Grilled poulard breast with paprika and courgette vegetables
Egg spaetzle, duchess potatoes, Romanecsco, carrots

Fresh fruit salad with almonds
Lemon mousse
Strawberry cream


Price per person €34,00

Spring buffet p.p. € 35,00

Pickled salmon with horseradish
Raw and cooked ham
Italian Antipasti

Pumpin cream soup with ginger

Main courses
Braised goose leg in own sauce
Deer ragout with porcini mushrooms
Backed young pig back in honey sauce
Spätzle & potato dumplings
Red cabbage & romanesco

Vanilla Cinnamon Mousse
Orange cream
Fine cheese selection with grapes


Price per person € 35,00

Christmas buffet p.p. €38,00

Deer back cut in slices
wth pears and cranberries
Grilled, marinated vegetables
Vitello Tonnato with lime and capers

Selection of leaf lettuce with different dressings

Chanterelles cream soup

Main courses
Duck leg in orange sauce
Goose breast in own sauce
Braised deer leg in red wine sauce
Dumplings, red apple cabbage, brussels sprout and herb potatoes

Vanilla cream with cinnamon cherries
Mousse au Chocolat
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce


Price per person € 38,00

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