Menu selection

We are happy to adapt your menu individually, thematically and seasonally according to your preferences.


Menu examples:

Menu 1

Steak Tartar
Mushroom ketchup, pickled enoki mushrooms, mustard, radish,
dill, cress, buttermilk bread toast
Pasture-raised beef broth
Beef & vegetable strips, egg drop, garden herbs.
Fillet of veal - cooked sous vide -
balsamic jus, spinach leaves, potato gratin
"Chocolate variation"
Cake, mousse, ice cream
bourbon vanilla sauce, berry fruits

Seasonal price on request

Menu 2

Guinea fowl breast
Ratatouille salad, parmesan chip, rosemary
Creamy bolete mushroom soup
sautéed oyster mushrooms, croutons, chives
Pork tenderloin - Sous vide cooked -
white pepper cream sauce, cherry tomato ragout, triplets
Passion fruit cream, strawberry-pineapple salad, cassis sorbet
Bourbon vanilla sauce, berry fruits

Seasonal price on request

Menu 3

Smoked salmon tartare
Avocado, pumpernickel, wasabi crème fraîche
Apple-celery soup
caramelized apple cubes, black pudding, chorizo chip
Supreme of guinea fowl
truffle cream sauce, sautéed herb mushrooms, potato rösti
Creme brulee
of tonka bean, caramel,
pistachio ice cream

Seasonal price on request

Menu 4

Lukewarm asparagus salad
Balsamic vinaigrette, roasted pancetta, pine nuts
spring onion, parmesan cheese, cress
Asparagus cream soup
Asparagus, smoked salmon rose, tomato concassée, chervil
Asparagus spears
Veal medallion, hollandaise sauce, triplets
"Strawberry trilogy"
Strawberry salad, strawberry ice cream, strawberry mousse
Bourbon vanilla sauce

Seasonal price on request

Menu 5

Carpaccio Cipriani
Marinated beef tenderloin
Cipriani sauce, wild herbs, parmesan, cress
Beet cream soup
Carrot, ginger, apple
Tournedo of "Black Angus" pasture-raised beef
Port wine sauce, green Peruvian asparagus, truffled potato gratin
"Red & Sweet"
Cassis sorbet, strawberry-pomegranate salad, raspberry mousse

Seasonal price on request

Menu 6

Sushi Variation
Nigiri Salmon, Maki Surimi Avocado, Nigiri Shrimp, California Rolls
wasabi, ginger, soy sauce
Lemongrass Soup
Scampi, bamboo sugar snap pea straw, glass noodles
Tuna steak - Sashimi quality
Pak choi, carrot, mung bean sprouts, sesame seeds
Fried mien noodles
Kaffir - lime
Cream, caramelized ragout, sorbet

Seasonal price on request

Menu 7

Beet and pear carpaccio
Balsamic glace, caramelized walnuts
Tomato consommé
Basil, concassée, pine nuts
Pearl barley risotto
Zucchini, herb saitling, confit cherry tomatoes
Almond Panna Cotta
Amaretto, roasted coconut flakes, mint

Seasonal price on request