The fishing enthusiasts can try their luck fishing at our lake to catch trout and salmon. Access and the hiring of equipment can be obtained from the miniature golf course.

Please note: Fishing is only allowed with a valid fishing license in Germany or in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You, therefore, require a so-called tourist fishing license (Touristen- Fischereischein) and the corresponding fishing permits for the respective waters. The fisherman himself is responsible to attain this license. Further information on the tourist fishing license and on how it can be obtained can be found here.

For a list of the issuing offices please click here. At the reception, you are able to purchase a tourist fishing license. Once you have possession of a fishing permit, you are entitled to fish at our lake at Resort Linstow.

Opening hours

Mon. - Sun. 10:00 - 18:00 

Register via the reception.


"Touristenfischereischein", p. P. 
(only when in possession of a fishing permit for the fishing spot at Resort Linstow)

€ 24.00

Fishing authorization 
for the fishing spot Resort Linstow / 2 hours, per fishing rod:
plus an additional cost of: 

€ 8.00

Trout, per kilo    

€ 7.00 

Salmon, per Kilo

€ 9.00

Fishing rod hire / 2 hours    

€ 5.00

Landing net / 2 hours

€ 1.00

Various baits according to variety and quantity 


Equipment for gutting and cleaning of the caught fish is also available on-site at the lake/miniature golf course. You also have the option of vacuuming packing and freezing your fish for a small fee.

Subject to change.