buffet selection

In Resort Linstow you can choose between differenz buffets. this is an example

Festival buffet
Foam soup of spring onion
with fried bacon strips
Appetizer Variations
Cold cut pork roast
in a light tuna cream
Medallions garnished by the turkey breast
with exotic fruits
Roast roast beef with a homemade roast
Remoulade sauce & mixed pickles
Large ham selection with marinated asparagus tips
Marinated Atlantic shrimp in a cocktail sauce
Norwegian fjord salmon with cream horseradish
Mild juniper smoked trout fillet
Whole poached salmon, smoked mackerel fillets
Sprats from the smokehouse Italian antipasti with spices,
Olive oil & balsamic vinegar
Selection of fresh salads & dressings
Warm food variations
Suckling pig at the buffet carved
Oven-fresh lamb in thyme jus
with potato gratin
Atlantic salmon fillet with sauteed shrimp
in basil sauce with spring vegetables
Marinated poultry spit in an exotic way
in a curry-pineapple sauce with fried rice
Large selection of cheese garnished with grapes
various homemade creams and puddings
Mousse au chocolat with eggnog cream
price per person: € 31,00