Goose and Duck Week

From 11.11. to 26.12.2019 daily in our à la carte restaurant.


baked duck breast
salad, tomato, sprouts, cress, wasabi mayonnaise, Teriyaki glace

€ 12.50


duck soup with meat from the breast
sour cream, sakura

€ 6.50

main dishes

thai duck
sweet-sour-sauce, vegetables, dumplings

€ 19.50

half cherry valley duck
orange sauce, red cabbage with apple, dumplings

€ 22.50

baked goose leg
pepper sauce, Brussels sprout, potatoes

€ 19.00

slices of goose breast

apple-curry-sauce, Brussels sprout, polenta

€ 19.50

duck leg
with red cabbage, dumplings

€ 16.00

a whole baked goose (for 4 persons)
filled with apple and prunes, sauce, red cabbage with apple, potatoes and dumplings (Brussels sprout available as well)

€ 125.00 – order 2 days in advance

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