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Zoo Rostock


Zoo Rostock

In Zoo Rostock you go on an expedition through the animal kingdom and encounter 4,500 animals in 320 different species from all over the world. The animal diversity ranges from small meerkats to large polar bears.

On your journey across five continents, you will observe orangutans climbing, the cohabitation of Humboldt penguins, pygmy hippopotamuses swimming and diving, as well as stately lions and athletic cheetahs roaming their territory. The species-appropriate facilities are embedded in a spacious park landscape and give you the opportunity to experience the zoo residents in a natural environment.

In addition to the animal encounters, the Zoo Rostock also offers a variety of botanical treasures. A symphony of colors in the dahlia district, magical flower magic in the listed rhododendron grove, exotic plants in the Darwineum and the imposing oak avenue - be enchanted by the green side of the zoo.

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