Geocaching can be described as a kind of modern scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. With the help of geographic coordinates and a GPS device, the "caches" are searched, which were previously placed in fixed locations.

A cache is usually a waterproof container that carries several nice little things to exchange and a logbook. If the game participant finds the geocache, he enters it in the logbook, takes an exchange object out of the box, and replaces it with something new.

The Van der Valk geocaching tour

The tour consists of a total of six caches and leads from the Van der Valk Resort Linstow to the Van der Valk Naturresort Drewitz (approx. 11 km from the Resort Linstow). The first three caches are located on the 65-hectare site of the resort.

€ 8.50 per family

Registration at the reception.